Rainfall provides myriad new trading opportunities in new locations. Participate in a unique weather trading structure available exclusively on TradeWx. Make weather trades up to 90 days in advance and adjust your positions as the weather changes. Weather contracts offered by CX Futures Exchange provide opportunities to manage your risk, while TradeWx provides you a unique interface to assess trading opportunities.

Highest Forecasts for April 27th

Chicago, IL 0.85" 0.89" 0.72"
Sioux Falls, SD 0.67" 0.47" 0.71"
For 04/24/19 total DARI (rainfall) open interest was 3,340 contracts with a combined market cap of 3,977.50 (1.19 avg. purchase price).    ...   The highest settlement price of $16.83 occurred at the 0.01 bracket in New York (Central Park), NY.    ...   Dallas-Fort Worth, TX the 1.25 strike settled at $5.43 .   ...   Traders overall expected at least 0.01” of rain in 38 out of 82 locations.

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We are a financial marketplace connecting like-minded people who want to trade the weather.
Catering to traders, speculators, hedgers and those looking for weather protection, TradeWx provides tools and information to help you create and manage a weather portfolio.


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